Wednesday, April 13, 2016


In early spring, the light blue Scilla flowers have free reign of the lawn. Nothing else grows at this time, but soon the lawn mower will turns all this into a solid green surface. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, March 28, 2016


The anti-establishment sentiments during the American election 2016, date back to OCCUPY WALLS STREET protests five years earlier. The concept of the rich 1% and the dispossessed other 99%, is in common usage today and Bernie Sanders keeps the spirit alive in his election campaigning. 

Here is a look back att OCCUPY:

OCCUPY explained by The Guardian newspaper:

The 99 %. Who were the occupiers? Huffington Post asked and showed these faces, photographed by August Bradley.

There was a lot of community spirit during the "occupation" and the use of
the people's microphone is memorable.

Energy bikes were used to charge lap top computers. They created a lot of interest and were symbolic in many aspects. Here is more info.

OCCUPY POSTERS - see all posters here

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So many good things come from America: watch this film posted here with this text:
"This eye-opening video serves to remind us that people in their Golden Years are sometimes forgotten, but they’re still very much alive. At first, the participants answer a very simple yet poignant question: “What do you see when you look at me?” The words are devastating: senile, frail, dependent. But by the end of the video, the mood completely changes and these participants show us who they truly are — the amazing things no one else bothers to see."
This film is important in our age of ageism


The Universeum Science Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden is built of glued laminated wood beams (stronger than steel ). It is well worth a visit. Don't miss the tropical rain forest and the shark tank. And there is a lot more!

Jonah in the Whale?
No, these are shark teeth outside the large fish tanks.
Good for pictures.

Check out the fish and sharks via this web camera under water.

If you have problems with spiders and snakes, maybe it is best to stay away from this section.

From the fish tanks area, you walk into the top of the rain forest.
The rain forest is hot and damp.

Close the door so the monkeys do not escape

Foot steps in the concrete

What animal left this print?